M5A1 Stuart Tank for Sale

From: Frank Robertson (tankdriv@gte.net)
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 16:40:31 PST

OK guys my lose is your gain...
I have a 1942 Cadillac M5 Stuart upgraded to M5A1 at the end of WW2 that I
have to sell. My Daughter has been in the Hospital for over 3 weeks and the
medication she has to inject herself with is running $2,000.00 a month for
at least the next 7 months. The tank sold for $35,000.00 when I got it. I
have spent another $15,000.00 on parts and labor so far. It is not in
running condition. It has had about 60% of the work done. Both engines have
been bored and sleeved back to original size. Has New Carbs, dist, water
pumps, cams, valves, spark plugs, more than I will list here. One engine can
be finished in about 1 week the other will take about 3 weeks. I'll even
finish them out. It comes with 3 .30 cal machine gun kits, all they did to
the cannon was unscrew the breech... All tools and track jakes included.
There is much more I'll take 35,000.00 for it and cover halve of the
shipping to your place in America. If you'd like more info or photo's let me
know. I will be out of town next week on business but will try to get back
with you. Serious inquires only. Please With everything I have going on I
don't need to be emailing photo's and info to someone who knows they will
not buy it. If you'll go to ebay and look up tankdriver sales then click on
"me" it will show the tank.

             Frank Robertson
             Memphis, TN. USA
     "Miss Dixie" "Tha Thing"
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M5A1 Stuart Light Tank M20 Armored Car

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