Re: [MV] 5 Ton Bridge trucks?

Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 16:05:33 PDT

Hello Dave,
From what you have described, you have found RibbonBridge Transporters built on a M812 chassis. I don't know the M number of the complete transporter. (The 50's era bridge truck commonly called a M139 really isn't....M139 is a cab and chassis, M328 is the truck, stake, bridge transporter, for example...the 800 series equivelent of the M328 is M821.) Fairly interesting truck, especially with the big unfolding bridge bay mounted on it. Here is more info from a DOD paper:
Bridge Transporter
The standard bridge transporter is a modified
rear of the truck cab. An 11,000-pound capacity
US Army M812 5-ton truck chassis which
winch works in conjunction with the boom to
provides a self-contained unit for transporting,
provide loading and unloading capabilities. Be-
launching, and retrieving the bridge bays.
cause of the weight of the bridge bays, extreme
Modifications of the truck chassis include the
caution should be exercised by vehicle
addition of three bay supports with associated
operators during overland transportation to
rollers, restraint locks, vertical tie-down locks,
prevent damage to the truck's suspension sys-
bay support stops, two steel grating walkways,
tem. The modified M812 bridge transporter is a
and a hydraulically operated boom. The
Military Load Class (MLC) 17 vehicle when
operator's control stand is located to the left
transporting a bridge bay. A ten ton cargo pallet may be allocated to each transporter for hauling
materiel. The M812 can also transport all US
Army BEBs when fitted with a special cradle.

Hope this helps,
David Doyle

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