Re: [MV] Tanks headed to the port?

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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 06:37:02 PST

Sarge here: on a serious note this time.
Jay, you are not over-reacting.
A lot of people probably think that 'Loose lips sink ships' is a WW2 slogan
that does not apply in this day and age when the media shows military
equipment being loaded onto ships bound for the Gulf.
I strongly bloody disagree. Excuse the expletive, but I lost family because
of this.
In 1982, a BBC reporter noted on the news that the Argentines were hitting
British ships with their Exocet missiles, however they were not exploding
because they were fused incorrectly. Of course, the next wave of missiles
were fused correctly (Argentines do watch television), and a lot of British
sailors died.
HMS Sheffield was hit and my cousin Tim was killed.

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> Joe,
> Not to be an ass about it, but while I am interested in big armored
> things too, is it really prudent to make this list into something that
> could be misused by the wrong people (like any stray Iraqi or al-Queda
> cells in the US) as a defacto intel source? I know that is NOT your
> intention and I'm not accusing you of any such thing; only pointing out
> that this is a publically available list on a topic that might have the
> attention of such people as lurkers anyway, and while there is no harm
> in discussing MVs, I would hate for our list to in ANY way provide intel
> for our enemies. Maybe I am over-reacting, but I'd rather be safe than
> sorry when it might risk the lives of our troops, even in domestic
> positions while in transit. If I'm wrong, I'm sure I'll hear about it.
> But as the lod slogan once went, "Loose lips sink ships." Even while
> they may still be in port.
> Jay Travis
> GOTAM35 wrote:
> >Here's something to chew on. My brother just called me to report that he
> >has been passing lots of BIG Army trucks with very large trailers out
> >of Charleston SC. These truck were empty and under police (civilian)
> >escort. He has also noticed a bunch of tanks (M1's?) on private trailers
> >headed the same direction. For anyone that don't know, Charleston is a
> >port city.
> >
> >Are these tanks going to be loaded onto the Army transports and put on a
> >ship? Just something for speculation. Persian Gulf?
> >
> >Joe Trapp
> >
> >
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