CUCV help/Teaxas trip vacation

From: Mike and Cheryl (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 08:22:19 PST

I am looking at a CUCV 5/4 ton truck for our Fire Dept.
It has been hit on the driver side lightly, but will need a
new or used inner and outer driverside fender and a door
for driver side. Bumper also needs replaced. Can anyone
give a guess or estimate on the price of these parts and
shipping to central Iowa. I am not interested in buying anything
at this time, just need to figure cost for my report. Also the
rear drive shaft has been removed and is laying in rear box.
Does this indicate a problem or is it removed to pick up with
a forklift or something? This truck is property of the GSA and
is at our local DNR (Department of Natural Resource), I can
get it for free, but I need to convince the Dept it is worth it. We
need to replace our tactical truck.

I remember reading a while back
about someone hammering the Fire Dept for butchering some Military
Vehicles and would like to add most have minimal damage from the
Fire Dept and most of what I run into in Iowa are surplus Fire Dept
Vehicles. If not for them I would not have a clean M37. They store
them inside at warm temps in the winter and keep good maintenance
on them. I see a few that are butchered, but then the have lots of good
parts. All the old M37, M715. M38, M38a1 and others that GSA sells
are mostly returns from Fire Dept.. They also bring in trucks that get
parted out.

I am going to Harlingin, Texas from Central Iowa in the middle of February.
Anything I should not miss. (Surplus Stores, Museums, Private Collections?)
Going Interstate 35 through to Waco, Texas then 77 on down.

Mike In Iowa

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