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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 09:54:36 PST

Dr. Duce is correct. I added a cutoff switch between the batteries and connected it between the
negative terminal and ground. I got the switch at NAPA, it is about 3 to 4 " round and has a
removable handle that I remove for static display. That way the rug rats won't run my batteries
down by playing with the switches.


On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 05:31:44 -0500, you wrote:
>My M151 did this too a few years ago.
>One day after I went to town I got out to go into a store.
>I heard a buzzing noise coming from the Jeep and assumed
>it was the fan. I opened the hood and traced the noise down
>to the starter which was turning at about 1/3 speed. A good
>crack to the starter switch stopped it. Was it a partially stuck
>switch or a build up of particles in the switch. Don't know
>Mine now has a disconnect switch mounted into the batter cover
>under the pass seat.... It is also better because all alternators take
>a little power all the time. After a month or so you may not be able to
>Steve AKA Dr Deuce
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>> List,
>> I have a very slight battery drain on my m151a2. It is all new wiring and
>> everything works but I keep a tender on the battery because it will go
>> over several weeks. If I scratch the battery lead on the bolt I get some
>> very light sparking. It is not enough to light a bulb and I think it might
>> be leaking in the millivolt range. Can the alternator cause this or where
>> would some of the more experienced mechanics suggest to start looking. Any
>> and all Ideas appreciated
>> Bob
>> M151A2
>> 42 MB

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