Re: [MV] BARS LEAKS Any good?

From: Bobby Joe Pendleton II (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 15:05:08 PST

I have used Bars Leak for years, It is like all other stop leak products it
will stop only small leaks such as head gasket seepage. I have never had any
luck trying to seal a leak from a hole or crack in a cooling system. I have
also seen it stop up heater cores, but that was mostly in systems that was
partly plugged with debris or rust.

Bobby Joe Pendleton II
MVPA #17657
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> In order:
> Yes.
> >From my experience, Not well.
> When my Suburban radiator developed a leak, Hankie and I put 3 bottles
> of it in and it kept leaking. Didn't even slow it down. Of course the fan
> had thrown the emission system air pump through the radiator from the
> out... might be a bit more than it was designed to handle, eh?
> BTW: Was it the GOOD correct gasket or the bad correct gasket? Color used?
> Ronzo
> M35A2 Non turbo ( so underpowered they rarely blow a head gasket, usually
> bring up end of convoy since they smoke so much and are SOOOOOOoooo slow,
> but rarely get lost cause they can follow the leaking coolant of the turbo
> deuces up front ;-} )
> PS Have you tried sheep manure?
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> Subject: [MV] BARS LEAKS Any good?
> > Does anyone have strong opinions about the use
> > of "Bars Leaks" in MV coolant? I rebuilt my
> > M35A2's engine this fall, and the coolant
> > jackets up on the head are leaking, even though torqued correctly, and
> with correct gaskets. I don't
> > want to gunk up the engine if its no good. Please advise.
> >
> > Thanks! / KB
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