MV Radio for sale

From: Dave Brubaker (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 15:19:42 PST

For Sale:
Non-operational RT-524 Radio, vehicle mount, "sugar scoop" antenna mount and
Antenna tuner.

Looks great on the outside but there is nothing on the inside. Faceplate is
100% intact. Very presentable.
I have refurbished the unit .... cleaned, painted and detailed.
There is a hole in the bottom (can not be seen when mounted) where it was
Vehicle mount is serviceable as is the antenna mount.
Serviceability of the tuner is not known.

Excellent for static display on your vehicle
$150.00 plus shipping from Wichita Kansas
contact me for pictures.

David Brubaker
Member MVPA #18115
President: Mid-Kansas MVPA


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