From: Chuck (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 18:09:40 PST

     I was very disturbed about the shuttle today. I truly believe
that there must be a better way to make the trip into orbit than a
shuttle that was designed in the early 70's. I know that all these
ships have been updated and every componet gone over with a fine tooth
comb before launch but, the basis for thier technology is still a
quarter of a century old. America has a long standing tradition of the
best engineering minds in the world and I know the technology is
there. So my question is why is there not a better solution to space
flight. I have seen the space plane concept and it seems viable but
their are other ideas out there. Ideas like using bucky balls to
create a carbon ladder into space. Mabye thats far fetched but anyhing
is worth a thought. God be with you Columbia crew.

    On the stop leak question Bars Leak liquid copper seal works well
but I've never had any luck with larger leaks. I flexed my frame very
badly one time on a trail and the fan hit the radiator and to get back
home I put oatmeal in the radiator it worked like a charm but it was
hell getting out.

Chuck Simpson
P.S. I put this subject on my message board stop in to leave any

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