Re: [MV] Columbia

From: Paul A. Thomas (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 19:14:30 PST

> than a shuttle that was designed in the early 70's.

my thoughts as well.
They couldn't design or envision escape pods as we have become used to on
TV when the shuttle's were designed. I think they can now. They would have
to build a new shuttle from scratch: hopefully pulling every ounce of
knowledge from the current iterations that they could... but new none the
less. To address what we want to accomplish now.
Back in the 70's things like space programs seemed to move in decade
cycles. ( before Kenedy I believe ( tho have no idea ) things moved more
slowly ) Today it seems that a span of 2 years makes something old:
perhaps this relates to front line 'usable' computers being dumped after
two years??
I'll sit on my political preferences now. But have to wonder about what
the US wants with respect to things like NASA. It's easy to get funding
for the spy's and military when things are blowing up around you ( anyone
remember the early 70's with bombs and hi-jackings? ).. I truly believe
most Americans don't think there is anything in space to warrant the
expense. At least now that Russia is a single state instead of the head of
a huge chunk of Europe/Asia.
What might get Joe citizen interested/protective again could be pointing
out that our competition in Space isn't Russia or 007's SPECTRE any more..
instead, it's Japan, Europe, and a very few emerging third world countries
who have shown that they do quality better than the US in some
areas. Admiting we can't match old mother Russia for spending on Space is
one thing: saying so about countries or regions we 'saved', salvaged or
poured money, people and time into after a war we didn't start is something

[remainder of this post edited by someone who thought he had a soap box to
stand on : there's a strong MV relation to the shuttle thread, but I @*+#!
can't separate it from petty responses to other threads . sigh <g>]

My strongest wish is those in Columbia had less than a second to plan and

and that others here follow where they lead.



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