Re: [MV] Columbia and escape modules...

From: Patrick Jankowiak (
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 02:49:31 PST

The heck with somalia. Vile people, we should not have bothered. Let
them kill each other, that's what they want to do anyway. Instead of
wasting (my tax) money on Africa, haiti?, or any other worthless place
which is likely to be only a drain on resources, why not build a
spaceplane. An MV.

Unfortunately, the pablum-spewers have an influence.

J Travis wrote:
> All the more reason to push on with getting the space plane platform up
> and running. But watch; they'll probably take the money and try to
> convert the Enterprise into a functional shuttle (the Enterprise, you'll
> recall, was the first shuttle built. It had no engines, and was used as
> a full-size glider to prove the reentry theory. It currently sits in
> the museum in Huntsville, AL). But I guess Chris is right about it
> being a moot point now, anyway- at least for the now 14 astronauts lost
> in this program. But I still say its time to move on towards the
> future. IF we can afford to give $40 billion in aide to Africa to
> people who would gladly kill every American they could get their hands
> on (remember Somalia?), why can't we put the money needed into
> revitalizing the space program, both by NASA and by private industry,
> and getting nearer to Mars?
> Ken MacLean wrote:
> >To withstand the
> >forces at work here, an escape capsule or capsules would have to be very
> >heavy. So heavy that the existing shuttle could not accomodate them, never
> >mind get off the ground.
> >Ken
> >
> >
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