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Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 08:08:46 PST

Re: Ward LaFrance as a builder of 6 ton 6X6 trucks. I have an original TM 9-813 manual for

6-TON, 6 x 6 TRUCK

The manual is dated February 1944, but inside the cover is an addendum or change listed as
Changes No. 1, and dated 7 June 1951.

Among the changes listed, Item 3. Diffences Among Models, item a. is revised with the addition
of body types 4, 5 and 6.

The following is the exact terminology:

(4) (Added) Gasoline-tank truck. This vehicle (fig. 81.) consists
of a 6-ton 6 x 6 truck chassis (White) equipped with a 2,000-
gallon subdivided gasoline tank.

(5) (Added) Tractor truck. This vehicle (fig 8.2) consists of a 6-
ton 6 x 6 truck chassis (White) equipped with a fifth wheel.
The vehicle is used primarily for towing semitrailers.

(6) (Added) Bridge erection and crane trucks. The trucks de-
scribed in (2) above are also assembled by Ward La France.
The trucks described in (3) above are assembled by Brockway
and Ward La France.

<end of section>

Looking at item (6), and referencing sections (2) and (3) of the original manual shows that the
trucks refered to as being "assembled" by Ward La France are (2) Bridge Erection Truck and (3)
Crane Truck. While the indication is clear that these truck types were assembled by Ward La
France, it is unclear whether they assembled the entire truck, including chassis, or (in my
mind more likely), they may have taken assembled chassis, and fitted the specialized equipment
required for these two special use truck types.

There is also a refernce to another manual SNL G-547 (Brockway and Ward La France)

I hope that this info helps to clarify the issue for you.

Pvt. Kirk Gustafson
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