Re: [MV] Columbia

From: J. Forster (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 10:49:08 PST

JJ&A wrote:

> I think it is of value to at least know that you have life threattening damage.
> You do have options. A second Shuttle, or a simpler rescue vehicle based on a rocket
> could be on ready standby to deliver repair parts or air/food/water/energy to keep
> them going until a full rescue could be effected, for one thing.

Such a capability des not exist as of now.

> A little satellite that could roam around the underbelly of the Shuttle would
> have to have thrusters of some sort and that means the Shuttle's instruments would
> be subject to contamination, but that is a manageable problem.

Not necessarily. The shuttle could do the maneuvering. All it needs is attitude

> A camera on a stick, such as a tape measure-style structure, would be simpler. It
> could be deployed
> through the bottom of the ship a few feet, and then extend parallel to the
> underbelly to various lengths and rotate side to side, thereby covering the whole
> underside of the ship.

Something more like a carpenter's folding rule would work better. IMO, the free flier is
a better option.-John

> My $0.02
> Jim

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