RE: [MV] Radios in our MV's is it legal

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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 07:20:28 PST

Trust me ......

There is no FCC requirement that licenses the
possession of communications equipment ..

If it is used in transmit mode however, licensing
its use is dependant on what part of the frequency
spectrum in which it is being used..

Tactical (wide-band) FM radios don't really have
a legal home anywhere from a non-military point
of view, since they run 15 KHz deviation in lieu
of the narrower 5 KHz deviation of amateur radio
FM equipment ...

It is a common practice to use tactical FM radios
within the amateur radio service, and generally,
traffic is common on 51.0 MHz .. Not "close-talking"
the microphone will reduce the spectrum taken up
over the air, and other stations will then need
to turn up their receive volume to make up
for the reduced transmitted FM bandwidth..

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I was wondering after seeing the post about licensing needed for operation of some of the military radio equipment. I see a lot of radios in the Mil Vehicles (100's of Jeeps) and I plan on putting a BC-659 in my 1943 Dodge Weapons Carrier is there an FCC rule that says I can not do this legally or is it just illegal to transmit on them? Can you make a dummy mike just for authenticity and still receive I mean if someone out there is transmitting of course much like a scanner? Also I seem to remember a no code License for a certain band what band is it and is it any use to us MV collectors and does it cover any of the old military radio bands. I am talking about 55 year old equipment not the new sincgars stuff I see people using in the Humvee's and CUCV's which I would imagine would be a sensitive area due to these radios still being state of art and encrypted and in use by our troops at present.


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