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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 16:42:44 PST

Hi Bruce
NATO delineators are used by the US ARMY in Germany and other places in
Europe (USAREUR) on most vehlicles. They are very visible retroreflective
decals that help to prevent collisions with civilian POV's running into the
back of the MV. Also used there are the flashing yellow beacons on most
vehicles. They come in 4"X 4" and 6" X 6" as well as the big mudflap size.
There is a TM around here that shows how they go on most vehicles from
M151A2's up through Humvees to Tanks. They used to be available in all the
sizes but I dont see anyone selling the 6X6 inch ones any more. They are
still current in the Army supply system.


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> Can anyone tell me what the delineator markers are used for? I see them
> advertised in the MV mags. They look like mud flaps in two colors. Do
> they go on the rear mud flaps? Are they used to separate different
> sections of a convoy?
> Bruce
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