Winch Shear Pins

From: Jim (
Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 11:23:38 PST

Hello All,

  I'm a bit confused about shear pins for the front winch on my M35A2 truck.
The original one was a lightweight aluminum shaft with a hole drilled on
each end for cotter pins. The replacement pins I got from Memphis were
heavier, darker colored, and have a head on one end like a carriage bolt.
The other end has the hole for the cotter pin. The extra weight seemed like
more than just the head would add.
  Now for the problem. They don't fit. They are about 1/16 greater in
diameter than the original pins. I thought they were sent to me by mistake,
but Memphis has assured me these are the same pins they've been selling
everyone with an M35A2. They even checked the batch that mine came from, and
they were correct.
  Does anyone know if there were two winch pins used? If I drilled the hole
larger (which I'm not especially pleased to do), is there an
advantage/disadvantage to using the larger pin?


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