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Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 12:09:55 PST

Well, thank you for the support.
It does mean allot to us out here. We see every day on the evening news
that the group of anti-war protesters are growing. It does dishearten us.
Once again thanks for the support, from everyone out here on the USS
Roosevelt, and our brothers and sisters around the world in all branches. I
have made alot of friends through this news group, and I appreciate all of
the service you VETS have given in the past, and the service you continue to
show as Americans, it is all of you most of all I hope we make proud.

Very Respectfully,
USS Roosevelt(CVN-71)

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Subject: [MV] FW: A favor for the military

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Subject: A favor for the military

If you are so inclined, visit the Department of Defense web page below and

sign a brief message thanking the men and women of the U.S. military

services for defending our freedom. The compiled list of names will be sent

out to our soldiers at the end of the month. So far, there are only about

2,799,869 names. What a shame. There should be hundreds of millions of

thank you's. Pass the word that we can honor and support the defenders of


National Military Appreciation Month


It takes 10 seconds...literally

(please pass it on to your email friends)

Be sure to visit the information page after you sign!

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