Re: [MV] M-35 Duce wheel seal NAPA parts number. - How about 5 tonners

From: Dave Cole (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 06:49:11 PST

Did Rockwell spin off their Axle group a while back and sell it to Meritor?

I'd be very interested in some current part numbers for 5 ton Axle seals, both inner and outer.

Also, I've looked at manuals but I can't figure out how the knuckle bearings in the 5 ton front axles are lubricated. The lube diagrams says there is a grease
fitting there, but I sure can't find it. Are these lubed with axle lube and not grease?

Any ideas?



2/5/2003 9:32:48 AM, "Ronzo" <> wrote:

> Please post this info to the list.... When I did my brakes in '01 the
>seals were not available from anyone except surplus dealers or Memphis...
> A message sent to me back then by lister Geoff Kaye (his messages to me
>were incredibly helpful and insightful in providing tips from someone who
>had been there and done that already) provided the following info to me:
> " axel
>seals...[inside]....Meritor # A- 1205 - Z -650 or 550 [2 box]
>and outside Meritor # A- 1205-Q-667 or CR # 7061230 [or] 8 I can't see
>well enough to tell- it's one or another.... Meritor and Rockwell are
>the same Company now-they will always make these seals/gaskets because
>these axels are still used in off-road equipment and are also used by
>Ford on some of their 4X4 and 6X6 utility trucks with different
>hubs/brakes and for different rims"
> I also got the same numbers from a couple of other folks on list. One
>lister said he could only get the outer seals and paid $42 EACH.
> Unfortunately, the local Rockwell supplier told me "no dice' on both and
>two local truck dealers the same with the attempt to cross and with the
>Chicago Rawhide numbers.
> I ended up going with Memphis, since they had ALL the parts I needed
>(keyway wedges were wrong, but were too cheap to send back) and could ship
>next day and the total price was $2 and change more expensive than ordering
>the cheapest item from each of several vendors.
> If you do get NAPA numbers that work, please post them, with the price.
>Regards, Ronzo
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>> Who has the NAPA parts number for the M-35 inner and outer wheel seals?>
>Contact me off list.
>> Sgt. Rock's Motor Pool
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