M35A2/ M211 interchange, Spunky's Motor Pool

From: Ted Hils - Ted's Trucks (tedhils@cyber-south.com)
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 08:36:29 PST

      I had a few people ask that I post the replys I got to my questions,
so here is a little info....

  Are the cargo beds the same on the
  M35s and the M211s? Will the M35 bed fit on a M211? Would they be the
  in appearance so that a the correctness of a restoration won't be
      According to David Doyle, the have a couple of differences in holes
drilled in them, but they are basically the same.
      "unless I have missed something, the only difference will be the Reo
bed will have holes to attach the pioneer tool rack, and the GMC bed will
have a hole in its underside that a small chain is attached to which retains
a cotter pin which secures the spare tire"
    Other people mentioned that they thought that they are not the same, or
are close to the same, but I think "Dr. Duece" seemed to be the most
knowledgeable on the subject.
    Thanks for all the help, everybody.
    I have also had several people ask that I keep them informed on my
efforts to collect some money from Harold and Helen at Spunky's. Everything
is taken care of and I am a happy camper. I think they had some family
problems that call them out of state for an extended period of time.
    Oh.... It looks like I will be heading up to Kenora, Ontario to meet my
fiance's (by then, wife's) parents in June or July. I will have room to
haul up to a Duece. If anybody needs something, drop me a line. She thinks
that Hummers and Dueces are too cool and her favorite store is Lowe's. She
even likes the Russian helicopter in the FRONT yard! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!
Have a great day, everybody!

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