Re: [MV] dragon wagon

From: Jason Frisch (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 18:35:26 PST

I was just at Lejuene to pick up some wrecker tools and saw the MK48 power
units. Unless you have some really DEEP wallets, I suggest you stay away
from them. Besides, you would still need to buy the trailer attachment in
order to make it look right. By the way, they also had 3 M151A2s there. 1
FAV config, and ther other 2 normal configs. Besides some broken glass,
they were in perfect shape, not rolled over.


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> Earlier post on GL dragon wagon got me to thinking if anyone on this list
has an M26 Dragon Wagon. They are one impressive piece of equipment,
especially the chain drive rear end. The armored ones are the best. I
would imagine parts are real hard to find. Dave McConnell
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