MV show in West Chester, Ohio....

From: Glen Bedel (
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 13:03:08 PST

I'm in the process of chatting with:
Michelle D. Morgan Events Coordinator, West Chester Parks & Recreation
8070 Tylersville Road West Chester, Ohio 45069 ph 513-759-7301 fax
to see if they could get a show together at VOA park.

That's right fans Voice of America. it's a huge park area, great for
anything Green.
As I have no idea of what I'm doing it may take a while. I'm not sure what
is needed to get a show together.

any Idea are welcomed. also it would be helpful to see how many people(with
vehicles) would be interested in attending.
I have already stated to Michelle that there is a need for transport parking
(I don't think space is to constrain there), but I'll need a guesstimate on
how many vehicle would be there.


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