From: barry (btuttleman@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 15:12:28 PST

are there any persons working w/ military helicopters on this list? i
am inventorying (sp?) hundreds of original military TMs right now, it
will take a while; there are also english & russian manuals on Mi-2's
(amongst others i haven't gone thru yet), plus many Eastern Bloc manuals
on various aircraft and helos (typically foreign language).
nothing yet on land-based MV's (other than the TOW manual listed a
couple days ago), but you never know! there are also some commercial
helo manuals, and one interesting US military TM on the armament system
& fire control system off an AH-1S (fairly massive work).
the list will eventually end up @:
but not for a week or two.
the gentleman i received these from also claims a container full of helo
& aircraft parts, am supposed to see those down the road (and i'm possi-
bly the salesman on these parts).
carson city, nv

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