Re: [MV] Replica vehicles

From: Ryan M Gill (
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 15:48:57 PST

Does anyone have any overt problems to pose when converting a Front
engine'd drive chassis to a rear engined drive chassis set up?

I just spent about 5 minutes drawing out a drive train that has a
transfer box and two diffs that would have to be the same kind of
diffs front and rear. The only trick I can figure is that if you move
the engine to the rear, you then have to flip the transfer box around
and then you have the resulting issue of all your shafts turning
everything backwards. This can be solved if you flop the diffs end
over end.

Are Dodge Power wagon/M37 Diffs the same front to back? And if you
flip them over, are there drain holes in the bottom that are also the
same as the filler hole in the top? Would you have to rebuild the
differential backwards in the pumpkin to get everything going
forwards with a rear engined configuration?

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