Re:MV] MV Judging question

Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 03:25:03 PST

Although I have never been involved in judging a vehicle,
I can make a few suggestions. Pick members for the
team that have some knowledge of particular vehicles.
That is, if you have a member(s) that restored a WWII
Jeep(s), let them judge Jeeps. Those experienced in
trucks for the heavier stuff. Try not to use people that
only have car show experience. They often go for gloss
and overlook authenticity.
My absolutely correct 1952 GMC M135 lost out to a farby
M211, at a car show judged by car show judges. The fact that
the M211 was over glossed and impressive by all of the gear
stowed on the truck no doubt drew the judge's attention.
Not as bad (good?) as Doc's Jeep, though :) I'm referring to the
famous Jeep that's usually on display at the Aberdeen (now
Churchville) shows. The knowledgeable person would look for
correctness, an assistant could look for rust areas and the like.
My restored 1945 MB beat out the competition at Aberdeen,
but loses when entered in the mil-vehicle division at car shows.
Gloss and sparkle does it every time!
Joe Young

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