W.A. Stocker

From: Ben P. Fisher, Jr. (wa3tgc@dakotacom.net)
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 14:13:28 PST

I was reading the March 2003 issue of Supply Line and in the Taps column
noticed the passing of W.A. Stocker #11770 of Jordan, Mn. I was
wondering if anyone knows is this the Wally Stocker that made the video
of the MVPA Alcan Convoy run in 1992?? I had the good fortune of
meeting Mr. Stocker at the MVPA National Convention at Ft. Indiantown
Gap in Pennsylvania. I was cruising the tables in the flea market and a
man came up to the same table where I was standing and looked very
familiar to me then I remembered I had seen the face in the video so
introduced myself and told him how much I enjoyed his video of the
convoy. He was an extremely nice gentleman and it was a privilege to met

Ben P. Fisher, Jr Corona Arizona
1953 USMC M38A1

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