Re: [MV] Replica vehicles

From: Ryan Gill (
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 20:32:48 PST

At 22:28 -0500 2/6/03, GOTAM35 wrote:
>1. How sacrilegious is a replica? If it is a replica of a historic MV is
>that blasphemy?

It'd be a replica of a vehicle that is near impossible to find. The
majority of which were sold or given to the Malaysian government. Any
AFV left in that region in a field is likely to be hard to get and in
very rusted condition. Likely they were recycled.

>2. Resale value? If I tie up several thousand dollars in a replica (and
>let's assume it looks real) can you ever get your money out of it if you
>want to move on to new projects? Has anyone out there ever successfully
>sold such a creature?

The replica 232 8-Rads seem to sell pretty well.

>3. Can you bring a "fake" to shows and have it sit next to the real thing?
>How would the MVPA feel about that?

Potentially. If it's a good enough fake it might convince some "experts".

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