M37 New Owner Questions

From: DELTASPLY@aol.com
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 18:46:02 PST

 I am a new owner of an M37 and I have several questions (for now).
Valves: Are the valves hardened so they can run unleaded gas? If not what can
be done to prevent them from burning out? If they burn out can hardened
valves be found? If so Where?

Electric's: Is there a way to tap 12v out for misc. 12v items?

Front end: I had a 48 Jeep that had bad front end shimmy. I had to put a
steering damper on it. Does the M37 have similar problems? If so what to do?
Who sells a steering damper.?
 Any MV owners in Upstate NY or Northwest VT?
 All for now. Will have more questions later, I am sure.
 Any help appreciated.

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