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Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 15:18:37 PST

Basically there are two different types of EMI:

Conducted thru wires that would affect your vehicle radio

Radiated that would be generated by making or breaking electrical contact

The in line filters are to reduce the conducted EMI. All those pesky ground
that the vehicle will run just fine without are to try to make a faraday
cage out of
the cab and engine compartment to contain and prevent the radiated EMI from

Steve AKA Dr Deuce who designed and tested too many products for FCC part

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> >EMI is an equal oppourtunity interference: Your radios, or the enemys
> >radios i.e indicating someone is around with an unsuppresses electrical
> >system
> I would assume that you would not get significant interference with a
> WWII based radio system unless you were basically right on top of a
> unsuppressed vehicle. Plus, sound carries a lot further than electrical
> interference, so chances are you would hear the thing a lot sooner than
> you would have it mess up your radio trasmission. Therefore, practically
> speaking I think the only concern is for the vehicle carrying the radio,
> not for being detected by the enemy. In other words, the Weasel (or
> CCKW) was not "silenced" so the enemy wouldn't detect it, but so that
> vehicle wouldn't mess up radio signals from radios mounted in it. Hence
> the benefit of marking the vehicle "S". This means any dope radio
> operator would know that this would be a "safe" vehicle to use.
> Just speculation :-)
> Steve
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