Re: [MV] Road Rubber substitute for the 9.00x16

From: Cabell Garbee (
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 08:35:39 PST

Go look at my tire pages. In particular, look at the page with the photos of
various tires that folks have mounted to the stock rims on M37 series and
civilian Power Wagons. I am running Michelin 900r16XZL on my regular driver
and had a set of 900x16 Co-Op Grip Spurs (very similar to the older tread
pattern Power King Super Traction) before I swapped then on a whim. A lot of
folks have been using a STA super lug as well. Along with photos, I have
some information concerning dealers, manufacturers and ride quality.

Tire photo page is located at The
main site with links to general discussion about tires that fit the stock M37
rim, tech page on the rims, and information concerning the Michelin/MVPA tire
deal is accessed through:

Good luck,
C. Garbee
'54 USMC M37 3/4 ton truck with Cummins power
'51 M38 1/4 ton truck bone stock
'60 M101 3/4 ton trailer
'6? M101A1 3/4 ton trailer

Ted Hintopoulos wrote:

> Back in the July/August 1999 issue of MV, David Ahl did a writeup
> on the Denman Coyote A/P Tires as a substitute for the stock
> mil rubber, as used on the M37 or M715.
> These were LT315/85R-16. Alas, now that I'm in the market for some,
> I have found that the line was dropped last July.
> I've worn out the Cepek Mud & Country Q78-16LT that I have been using,
> would buy them again, but Cepeks folded a few years back.
> Does anyone have a line on tall/narrow tires, circa Q78 or 315/85 for the
> 16" wheel?
> Tough size to find without going W I D E.
> Thanks again!
> Ted Hintopoulos
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