M728 question - mechanical

From: Dave Brubaker (b52d@piace.com)
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 20:24:54 PST

One of our club members has a newly refurbished M-728 ambulance. Engine and
drive train are all included in the work done to restore.

The problem is that at road speeds he is getting a very noticeable whine,
suspected to come from the axles. All fluid levels are right as are the
proper types of lubricants.

His question is.... is this normal and if so would a different gear
combination make a difference in the noise. I assume he is referring to
ring and pinion ratios.

Thanks for any feedback!

As always, for the good of the hobby!

David Brubaker
Member MVPA #18115
President: Mid-Kansas MVPA


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