M728 question - mechanical

From: Everette (194cbteng@pchnet.com)
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 06:13:32 PST

Lots of possibilities -- axle bearings, as he suspects, ring and pinion,
inner bearings, pinion bearing, spider gears, One of these stethoscope
things might be handy for pinpointing where noise is coming from -- NO I do
not mean ride creeper under vehicles as it goes down road, jack it up and
secure very good put in gear and run engine.


Not always correct; but never in doubt

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From: "Dave Brubaker" <b52d@piace.com>
Subject: [MV] M728 question - mechanical

M-728 ambulance. Engine and
drive train are all included in the work done to restore.

The problem is that at road speeds he is getting a very noticeable whine,

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