Re: [MV] stuck mv engine

From: Dave Ball (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 09:30:33 PST

Diesel fuel works best pour it in let it sit on the piston tops it has a way
of working itself in I don't think soaking it while its below zero will help
much though.


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> what is the best thing to put into cylinders for lubricant my track motor
> is stuck. i do have kroil also 1 gallon but someone said it is corosive
> it does not say that it is on the can. so what should i use folks ?? i
> up a few more pictures on web shots here is the link
> let me know if it dont work and if anyone has any other pictures you would
> like to see i do not have pictures of the 41 burma jeep or the 40 ford
> truck yet they are burried in snow. ill get pictures of my M37, willys
> ,M135 and spare odds and ends .
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