Re: [MV] oil pan bolts

From: Fred Martin (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 10:00:02 PST

Robert, this brings up a question...when torqueing down the pan or any
other gasketed surface and the torque is known: Do you torque it once
and forget it? Cause I watched a fellow torque them repeatedly... the
gasket will give in a bit each time and they will not be at the same
torque as a moment ago. I'd like to set him straight....if he isn't
beyond learning. Maybe different gasket materials (or thicknesses)
should have different torque values. Anybody?...whats the popular
opinion on this?

Fred Martin

Don't worry bout the mule goin blind...just load the wagon!

Wilson, Robert J, TSgt, 177 IWAS/AOF wrote:
> Does anybody know the torque value for the bolts on the oil pan of an
> LDT-465-1C multifuel motor?
> Bob
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