Re: [MV] Something to remember

From: Eugene Pantano (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 21:25:53 PST

Here is a bit of real first hand trivia..I happen to own the personal 210
files of about 8 or 10 German soldiers.
These files are their total personnel records complete with Soldaten Kards -
Soldier ID booklets....everything the soldier ever did is listed in these
books and German of course. Their skills with weapons, VEHICLES
(see - it is mv related).. There is a sheet in each record where the soldier
had to sign and swear allegiance to the man , Adolph Schicklegrueber. (in
case you didn't know it - that's his "real" name)...some of these are Navy -
some are SS. The point is..there is a page where they had to list their
party affiliation...only one of the 10 was in the NAZI Party, the NSDAP -
national socialists, like the Clintons..... definately - not all military
personnel were in the Party...Some were in the SA..which was the Workers ...??? the UAW..not NAZI's... nuff of this..ask me if you have
any questions...when I was 5..I wore Jack Boots...! Gene

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