Re: [MV] M728 (Flame)- if you want an ambulance driver, we'll send you one

Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 06:39:21 PST

just to jump in here;i am an emt-b in md.and i CANNOT drive the
ambulance.i haven't been with the fire company the requisite time and
spent the training time to get cleared to do a matter of fact i
would actually prefer that the drivers that do it on a regular basis
drive for us weeny ems peeps.i have driven larger vehicles,and am good at
it, but we are talking about people's lives here.i know my limitations
and will let the guys who drive all the time do it.we also have a
shortage of paramedics and emt's that drive,so we have others that only
act as pilots for the ambulances.have a ggo day guys.keep your airways
open and seatbelts buckled.mike power

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