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Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 09:49:13 PST

It depends on the program, the materiel, and the value and the type of
organization involved... The SASP and the GSA will be able to define each
items time of holding.... Remember that these items are donated for a
particular program and if not used for that program and records kept that
the materiel can be recalled by the donating agency. Getting particular
items specifically for the purpose of holding and selling for a profit is
not what the programs are for... Certain folks are residing in expense
paid vacation villas because of fraud in this respect... RAM
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> Thanks. And to bring this thread (somewhat) back on topic, does anyone
> here know just how long a country rescue squad is required to hold onto
> and use surplus MVs before they are allowed to dispose of them, and when
> they do so, is there any rule/law that prevents them from holding an
> auction/raffle for the vehicles as a fundraiser? The idea came up as a
> way to help raise funds for some new equipment, and I told them I'd ask
> you guys.
> Jay
> wrote:
> >Ah, heck Jay, at least I knew it was a joke and got a kick
> >out of it.
> >I'm glad that all of the details of EMT and, etc., were posted,
> >I had no idea. When I was on a rescue squad back in the
> >sixties, all we had to do was complete a First Aid Course,
> >one night a week, six weeks. I have saved a few lives, even
> >not being as knowledgeable as I would have to be today. Well,
> >yes, I did lose a few. Eighteen minutes of mouth-to-mouth and
> >whatever that heart massage is called, on a honey was to no avail
> >in one instance. Caught a kid that had to leap from a burning
> >building. He had about 80% of his body suffering from 3rd degree
> >burns and when I caught him, his skin peeled where I sort of lost
> >my grip. He lived, though scarred. Not being the hero type, I left
> >a doctor who watched the whole episode from his front door
> >receive the credit for the rescue that he claimed he did. Front
> >Page, too.
> >Joe Young
> >ex-ambulance driver
> >
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