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From: R. A. Moir aka RAM (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 17:02:51 PST

All it takes is $. The OE brakes even when new and adjusted properly... 17 the E brake.. are marginal at best.... Some folks use
different lining, some add a vacuum booster and some convert to
could spend over a Grand and not be happy or you could live for 30 years
with the originals ... it all depends on speed and load and need.... I would
not personally use the M37 family as a daily over the road work truck....
Heck, the design goes back to 1939? with very minor upgrades to when the M37
came to fruition in 1950. However after 50000 or more miles in them, I
never hit anything I didn't want to.. Squeaking and squealing are standard
and allowable.... it identifies what u are.... 45MPH and safer.... RAM
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> Okay,
> I think I'm interested in my first MV. I think the M37 is a good start.
> Decent price, not too big, and useful for hauling lumber and plywood on
> occasion.
> Most of the listings for these vehicles state problems with the brakes.
> How hard is it to replace/repair the brakes on these vehicles?
> How costly?
> Doug
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