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From: Rick Welker (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 17:41:43 PST

     Hi List,
          It's amazing how such a simple subject
(ambulance drivers) manages to stir up a bunch of
people. As for the first post referencing the
subject, I didn't get to read it because I was
sleeping this am. (I'm worked a 12 hour 1900-0700
shift last night as Paramedic Supervisor in my
service). So now that tempers have flared and cooled
here's my .02: Having been in EMS for almost 30 years
I have heard many derogatory remarks concerning our
profession (as well as jokes like this too) and
usually write them off as coming from uninformed
persons. The humorous comments like today I laugh
along with. Most of those persons making serious
truly derogatory comments usually end up needing our
service at some point in time anyway, and then they
become informed. A humorous quote in our profession:
"Stupid people are job security" unfortunately many
times comes true. Life is too short to worry about
being offended by people who engage their mouth before
their brain is in gear. Anyway if the sun doesn't come
up tomorrow then nothing else matters.
    MV content: Does anyone know the gpm and pressure
output of a 5 ton power steering pump? Thanks, Rick

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