Unimog coming to Freightliner dealers

From: k, d, j, m, & a miller (thisoldhouse@libcom.com)
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 18:38:42 PST

Was up in Albany this past week and saw an article
in their local paper about Unimogs coming to a
Freightliner dealer near you. It states that the
Mercedes-Benz U500 Unimog will be sold in the
U.S. this year by Freightliner dealers.
A gross vehicle weight of 12 tons, air locking
diffs, available crew cab, 4.8 liter turbo diesel, 16
forward and 14 reverse gears.
No price yet, but I bet the only garages you'll see
them in are the one's already containing a Hummer
or some other high priced toy.

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