Re: [MV] Unimog coming to Freightliner dealers

From: Andreas Mehlhorn (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 07:10:33 PST

UNIMOG spare parts are very expensive. FERRARI parts are cheaper! The UNIMOG
is a very expensive vehicle to keep and maintain. The brake system of
the modern MOGs
is very complicated. You need a very good mechanic (or you have to be one).

Best regards from Germany (home of the UNIMOGs)

Greg wrote:

>Sure, they've surplused a few. The ones that have made it into private hands
>have demonstrated just how expensive M-B parts are for the 409 series...I
>think there have been some surprises for the new owners. I'd expect that in
>a couple of years the parts inventory will make it out too, which should
>make it easier.
>Vista, CA

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