RE: [MV] Video is Finished.

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Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 18:08:42 PST

Its a M35A2 Turbo, it was spinning on the other side. The British called
them the "Honey" because they were so easy to drive compared to the M3.

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man that truck works hard pulling the tank after it get on the dirt
was that a 2 1/2 or a 5 ton
and the stuart was that the one the brits called the roson (cereate
lites every time

At 07:36 PM 2/13/03 -0800, Patrick Jankowiak wrote:
>On the Stuart Tank, what are the numerous pipe-looking thingies bolted
>to one side of the turret? I notice the other side of the turret has a
>slanted area instead.
>"G.R. Baker" wrote:
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> > Video is Finished.
> >
> > G.R.Baker
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