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Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 21:55:54 PST

At 8:14 PM -0800 2/13/03, Patrick Jankowiak wrote:
>3. In looking at the pictures of the Tank's interior, I saw a few things
>I didn't recognize. Is there a pictorial diagram of the Stuart anywhere
>on the internet? It was hard to tell what I was looking at, but I'm led
>to beleive there are two white posts with fire extinguishers?

I've got some pictures of an M5 stuart from up at VMMV in Va.

Take a look through there, most of those are more explanitory as
there are other photo's to support your orientation.

>There's a white round 'box' with what looks like a vent coming out of
>it, aiming at what might be the driver's seat?

Could be part of the turret basket?

>On the front of the tank, a ball-shaped device, is this a MG port, I
>didn't see where someone could sit behind it.

Bow MG. There's a co-driver's position there too. 4 Man crew.

>I assume the engine is in the rear, how's it work with the drive
>sprockets up front? See I know little about tanks, but this has got my

Drive shaft runs to the front, drives the transmission and then the
final drives. Driver on the left, Co-driver on the right. He can take
over for the driver with his own steering gear and gas pedal iirc.

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