M37s for sale in Arizona

From: JeepCJ8@asu.edu
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 06:03:58 PST

We have 2 M37s for sale, $6500 for both. One is running, the other needs
restoration. The running one (with winch) is rust free, and comes with a door
mount tire carrier (not installed), the other (without winch) has a 2" square
rust area on the PS exterior cowl, that's it. The frame has been
sandblasted and painted. Pictures and a parts list including extra parts can be
seen on my website at:

A word of caution: hauling these can get expensive, around 0.90/mile. They are
located in Mesa, AZ, approx. 20 miles S/E of Phoenix. You may contact us any of
the following ways:

Lisa Bunch

Barry Bunch

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