From: Eugene Pantano (truks@cs.quik.com)
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 09:01:51 PST

Hi all..
In the bunch of stuff I hauled home the other day, I found a very
interesting item I had not see before in one complete Unit.. I have seen
test equipment in separate pieces for testing the gauges on M Series
Vehicles..but never in one small hand held unit. What I found was a "E-660"
test kit..in a metal box a bit smaller than a vehicle first aid kit. When
opened..there are 3 knobs with various settings..One is for oil pressure
gages, one for temperature and one for the fuel gauges.. and 2 test leads..
Neat item that can test all gauges while in the vehicle only.. The knobs can
be pre set to what the gauge should read....Then you turn on the vehicle
power and the gauge should register what the kit is set at. If it does
not..then the gauge is bad. Very neat item.. Made by Allen Electric &
Equipment Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan..Anyone live near there.?? These
should be out there for all of us..maybe they still make them... Gene

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