Re: [MV] Cetane

Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 19:15:15 PST

Scott is quite correct in his statement about Cetane,
and I'll add that the higher the Cetane, better performance
should be noticed. The heavier the fuel, like Diesel #2
vs. K-1 or gasoline, you'll find more Btu's (heat/power)
in the heavier fuel. I used to use a conditioner, CFI, I
think (been 20 years since I sold my rig) and it made
my Detroit Diesel turn some rpm's. Supposed to shift
at 2100, heck I was running the old 671 out to 2500!
No clutch speed shift to the next higher gear and still
be in the high power range, not the 1700 rpm GMC
recommendation :)
Joe Young

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