Mounting De-Con unit in M1009 and what is Motor pool ready Class?

From: Michael J. Hill (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 18:47:36 PST

Hello List,

I am wondering where I would mount the Chemical De-Con unit in my M1009?
I am trying to get my rig ready for the 28th MVPA National Convention in
July and have a couple of items to add to my truck. I am also looking
for the radio shelf for the curb side.

I noticed that there is a Motor pool class of judging and it described
as dusty, a few scratches and driven. What would a common Motor Pool
ready MV be? Some rust? no rust? fresh paint? rust areas wire brushed
and touched up? Eveything working?
Any help or experiences would be appreciated.


Mike Hill EMT-1
Kilo Golf Six Foxtrot Juliet Indians
MVPA 25988

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