Re: [MV] M35A2 cargo top problems?

From: Jim (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 10:53:54 PST

You probably have the top for a 5-ton truck. The 5-ton is just a bit longer
then the M35. A correct M35 top is hard to find.
  If the aesthetics of an incorrect top don't bother you, what you have will
work. It's the one I'm using on my M35 now. I set the back length to look
normal and fold the extra length in behind the cab. The top part of the
front folds in first, then the two sides over it. The bottom grommets of the
front are tied together (behind the cab) instead of to the body. I do this
from the inside of the cab, through the window.
  On the upside, I've had the truck at full speed and the top doesn't loosen
in the front. I've also had 18" of snow on the top without problems.
  On the downside, the grommets don't line up and the bows are not lined up
with the reinforced areas of the top. This could result in premature


> I don't knowif this got out yeasterday, so I am sending it again.
> Just put a new camo vinyl top on my cargo bed and it has about 2 - 2 1/2
> feet sticking past both sides. Is this the right top for a std truck, or
> it for a longer bed ??
> Our National Guard unit has been activated and is in Fort Campbell, Ky.
> getting ready to go to Kuwait (?)...
> they took everything so I can't go look at their trucks......God Bless
> !
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