The Day at the Joisy Shore

From: Paintball Plus (
Date: Sun Feb 16 2003 - 16:37:39 PST

No beach and no surfing today. Today the boys at the shore played in the
snow. A couple of Unimogs, M715, a Deuce, Hummvee, a CJ, a Dodge Ram P/U
and a few other trucks met at the state forest just before the snow
really started to come down. About 3 hours later we were half way to our
lunch spot and 12 inches into the snow on the back woods trails. We cut
the trail ride a little short (about 8 hours left of the trial) and
headed for the lunch spot. We had no idea that a state of emergency was
declared and no vehicles were to be on the road. We found this out at
the rest stop, which was still open. Every other business had already
closed down.

After lunch our little convoy headed back to the state forest parking
lot via the paved roads. It only took an hour through the blizzard to
get back in what would normally be a 15 minute ride. As we were loading
up the hummer and one of the Unimogs for the many hours of predicted
ride home, we were greeted by the State Forest Police. It appears that
we were not the only one's out that day - others in the civilian
vehicles had taken to leave the trails and destroyed some forest area.

Oh, did I mention that the wipers were not working on the Hummvee?
Fortunately, if you remove the wiper motor you can actually move them by
hand. Unfortunately, sooner or later everyone's hands got a little tired
of the exercise.

It appears that we all made it home OK, but there are still a couple of
guys who have not checked in yet. They had about a four hour ride home
on roads that were supposed to be closed to everyone except emergency
vehicles. This was definitely a trail ride to remember.

Bruce Kalin (Convoy Coordinator)
The Largest Historic Military Vehicle Convoy in US History

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