Re: [MV] A question for the M38A1 experts

From: Paul Vandervort (
Date: Sun Feb 16 2003 - 21:50:01 PST


        When I restored my M38A1 I found that there are 3 different front
fenders! The earliest have the extended hat channel that has the two
bolt holes that mounts to the frame that your questioning (Same on
M38's). These fenders also do not have the doubler plate (later style
fenders) that is installed externally over the seam where the upper &
lower halves of the fender meet. The next type of fender still retained
the longer hat channel W/bolt holes but has the doubler plate over the
seam. The last style has the doubler plate but the hat channel is cut
off to just hang below the fender inner skin. At least that is what I
found when I went to hang them at restoration reassembly (of course
after all that work).

Hope this helps
Paul Vandervort
MVPA 437

42Ford GPW wrote:
> Hello,
> I am putting my M38A1 back together so I have installed the grill on the
> frame and started to put on the fenders and then noticed that neither fender
> has a two-bolt bracket at the bottom near the middle that bolts to the
> frame has the tapped holes in it. The fender brackets don't
> look like they have been cut off....I don't think they were ever there.
> Is this typical ??
> Mike Curtis
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