Rotella 15w-40 for a 6.2 Diesel

From: Chris Davis (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 07:54:36 PST

Seems to be the favorite among the numerous responses I received. I
checked the 15w-40 I was about to use based on everyone's feedback and
decided it wasn't up to diesel grade. So my oil change remains halfway
done till I can get down to the auto parts store to pick up the "right"
oil. (fortunately there is another running vehicle on the premises)

Thanks everyone. I'm continually impressed by the collective knowledge
available on the list. I imagine doctors and scientists have similar
virtual groups/forums that provide help with tougher questions... think of
the gains we are making...

Chris Davis
MVPA# 20000
Lake Elsinore, CA
'53 M37 (for sale)
'43 GPW (took first run around the block Saturday)
'43 WC56 (runs too, but a lot further to go than the GPW)

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