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From: Steve & Jeanne Keith (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 10:36:36 PST

Boy have I been there!

Many years ago, I was plowing my neighbors (big) tree lined circular
driveway with my 46 Chevy 1.5 ton 2w drive dump truck. To get the
snow back far enough for the next storm, I went out onto a watery area
that was frozen. Crunch, a front wheel breaks thru and it literally picked
the opposite rear wheels up in the air! No problem, go get the deuce. Well
the deuce cannot pull it backwards because the Chevy front wheels won't turn
so it only will go straight back into a big tree. OK, we will go around
front and
pull the front mostly sideways. The deuce starts to move it then the back
decides to 'align' itself with the Chevy so as to be straight. The deuce is
mostly between two trees and it will not back up so I can unhook the chain.
Isn't it great sport to take a punch and try to beat the pin out of a chain
under tension? After 4 hours and many discussions between me, the Chevy
and the deuce everyone finally went home! And for this I made $10!!!

Steve AKA Dr Deuce
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> That is correct.
> There is another hazard that open field driving on frozen ground presents.
I have on several occasions driven onto flooded ground & had all wheels
break thru ice at the same time. That is real fun, with all wheels
suspended into water while the axles are sitting on ice.
> It gives you three choices. Wait for a tow. Wait for spring thaw or
leave it and walk out in the water on top of the ice adfter you broke it
open. If you are lucky enough to have a maitenance team around, they get
wet during recovery.
> Tom McHugh, NJ
> 1952 M38A1
> M-416 Trailer
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